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Hearing diagnostic tests: We perform comprehensive audiological exams for adults and children over the age of 4 in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas.  All testing is conducted by a licensed audiologist using advanced diagnostic equipment.  The audiologist will take the time to review the results of your exam with you and provide a complete report for your primary care or referring physician.     

Hearing aid adjustments: We improve the performance of quality hearing aids by properly programming the device to your level of hearing loss and communication needs.  Many of today’s digital hearing aids have the ability to program different settings for different environments such as concerts, restaurants and gyms.     

Prescribe hearing aids: When appropriate, your audiologist will recommend and provide hearing aid options to you. We prescribe and fit a complete line of state-of-the-art digital devices manufactured by the leading hearing aid brands, including Phonak, Siemens, Oticon, Lyric, Resound, and Unitron.     

Wax management:  Some wax is healthy for your ear but when it hinders your hearing or affects the quality of sound coming from your hearing aid, we can safely remove it using a variety of methods.       

Hearing aid repairs: We service many hearing aids and hearing aid brands.  Most repairs can be handled in-house.  For some repairs we work through the original manufacturer to bring your hearing aid back to its optimal condition.

Other Services/Supplies

Hearing health supplies:  Our offices supply batteries, earmolds, domes, wax guards, device cases, cleaning solutions and other accessories for our patients.     

Hearing protection devices:   There is more to hearing health than diagnostics and hearing aids.  You can prevent damage to your ear and hearing loss by protecting your ears when you participate in activities that involve excessive noise (gun ranges, rock concerts, yard work, construction, military personnel, factory work, motor sports, etc).  We offer high-quality hearing protection to help preserve your hearing.     

Swim molds: If you spend a lot of time in the water, we offer swim molds to help keep moisture out of the ear canal and prevent infection.


Musicians molds: Whether it's to maintain acoustic quality across all frequencies, provide true high-fidelity attenuation, protect your hearing or put sound directly in your ear with in-ear monitors, we offer a wide variety of plugs to the musicians in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas.  We can also provide ear mold impressions for you to work with the manufacturer of your choosing.        

Hearing health lectures: We are committed to raising awareness about hearing health through as many avenues as possible.  We offer hearing health lectures, presented by one of our experienced audiologists, every month at different locations throughout Jacksonville.  The doctors cover topics like the anatomy of the ear, hearing health history, how to know when to see a doctor and much more.  You can contact either of our offices if you’re interested in having a doctor come present to your group.

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